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The Secret of the Bible Scholars

The Bible scholars have a secret. A secret that they cannot afford to reveal.

What many "scholars" are telling the public is not exactly what they believe. They know that the "Jesus", as we know and understand him today, was nothing special but rather, a mere product of the Greco-Roman culture - a hellenization. They also know that the core doctrines and theology of the Christian religion was simply a fusion of hellenistic ideas and ancient mediterrenean culture, was a product of its time, and was no different from other competing religions of that time. These "scholars" also know that modern-day Christians are following a set of books believed to be the "Word of God" where 80% of which we have no idea who wrote. They know for a fact that Moses has nothing to do with the Pentateuch. It is also known to these "scholars" that none of the Gospels were written by the apostles nor by an eyewitness of the account written on them. And yet we have been fed up with the "fact" that the authors of the Bible had been ascertained. These are just few of what they truly know.

This secret must not come out. And you will understand why. A former Christian theologian turned Deist in the Raving Atheist Forum has this to say:

"VERY few, if any, of these scholars would or could admit error. It would simply destroy them, their careers and possibly their families.

Mike, when I was an intern youth minister, our head minister confessed to me this: "Jon, if I taught what I really know to be the truth, they'd fire me, and I have a family to support." No kidding. Now, Johnny was NOT an unethical man...merely one who skirted the critical issues in favor of sending his kids to college. This is not cynicism, this is reality. Even the unmarried students have built their 'very existence' off of the truths of the Bible. Think about how difficult it would be to sign that all ADMIT you were wrong for 10, 20, 50 years.

I submit that very few men or women could do this, and THAT prevents the most brilliant of the lot from seeing what's right in front of them. I was able to do it, but even for a rouge, it was incredibly difficult. Just think about it."

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Just look at what happen to former New Testament Bible scholar professor Gerd Lüdemann after publicly declaring his unbelief. He remarked, "People know Christianity is not true, but they won’t address it publicly". Even after attempts for appeal to reconsider, he was expelled from the theological faculty of Gottingen University. Aside from being a noted author in Europe, he used to teach the New Testament in a school in Germany that trains ministers. 1

There are others who bravely revealed this "secret". Some, after publicly declaring their unbelief, decided to walk away from Christianity (Bible Scholars Robert M. Price and G.A Wells first comes to mind). Others remained but with a more liberal outlook on Christianity (Bishop John Shelby Spong, Burton Mack, Raymond Brown etc.). Others are still in the closet but, nonetheless, are brave enough to acknowledge the fact that Christianity is a lie. Personally, I cannot blame them for remaining in the shadows. Is truth always more important than happiness?

Although there are other people who already came out, it is unfortunate that their information is not widely accessible to the public knowledge. Aside from the fact that this "liberal" scholarship is covered and buried deep within the sands of dishonest Christian scholarship, it is a sad fact that the complex nature of modern biblical scholarship does not penetrate popular culture. It takes much effort to understand even just the basic discipline of archeology, historical criticism, and modern biblical scholarship. Not really something an average person would care give attention to study and understand. "He has better things to do than waste his time."

As the POCM website says, "Are there real scholars who see Pagan syncretism in Christianity? Yes there are. But you don't hear about their studies in day to day popular culture. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN doesn't care."

1See the section "Christianity Untrue, Says Teacher" in


Open Letter on Behalf of Gerd Luedemann


Second Letter on Behalf of Prof. Dr. Gerd Luedemann


At 6:46 PM, Blogger Euri said...

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At 7:40 PM, Blogger Meg said...

I'm atheist like you, in one of the most catholic countries in the world: Spain.

But don't worry, you musn't have fear, because this is only a period of time, in a few days, months or years you will see all the things differents.

I have read a very good book: "The Prophetees", from Barbara Wood, maybe you can read it and find the answers that you want.


At 10:10 PM, Blogger The Atheist Seeker said...

Thanks meg. I tried visiting your blog but I cannot understand a single word. LOLZ.

I'll try looking for the book you recommended here in my country.

Welcome aboard fellow seeker.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger Euri said...

This is not cynicism, this is reality.

Amen to that! Though it may sound too harsh, reality really bits that hard. That makes decision making really hard. *sigh*

PS: I removed my comment. :P

At 12:16 AM, Blogger BEAST said...

Greetings from a Singapore Atheist

Feel free to add my blog in. Pleased to meet you.

The Beast


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