Saturday, November 19, 2005

Proof that a Personal God Exist

In this article, I am going to attempt to prove that God (or Gods) exist.

Before that, I shall lay down the barebones of my argument that I'll be using for the rest of this essay:

I define God as a personal, intelligent (posessing intellect), nonspatial (not occupying space), self-existent (it has always existed and is therefore uncaused), timeless (not bound by time), and, immaterial (not matter) agent who is the cause of everything that began to exist. Other than these, I no longer have any reasonable assumption as what other traits God may have.

I will also use the term "universe". I define the universe as space, time, and matter.

With those said, I shall now begin with the premise that, everything that began to exist has a cause. The universe either has eternally existed or began to exist. Let us now examine these two possibilities.

Possibility Number 1: The universe eternally existed:

This is not reasonable because if the universe "began" (Note: I use the term loosely. "To begin eternally" is an oxymoron since eternal extends to infinity and hence cannot have a beginning point. I mainly use it for the lack of better term) eternally, then it would be impossible to arrive today. It is impossible to traverse from infinity to "now" (today) since there will be an infinite duration before arriving to "now". We will never arrive to "now" if there is an infinite duration to traverse. Hence for the universe to exist eternally is impossible and refuted by the fact that we are now into "now".

Possibility Number 2: The universe began to exist:

For us to arrive to "now", a beginning point is required. Since we are now living into "now" therefore the universe, where we live, has a beginning. Hence the universe began to exist.

Moving on. If the universe has a beginning then either the universe is uncaused or caused. As argued above, the universe has a beginning. if the universe had a beginning, then it is absurd to argue that the universe is self caused, that is, it would exist to cause its own existence. If it is caused then the "Cause" must be outside of the universe otherwise the "Cause", like the universe will be just an effect which, in that case, it ceases to be the "Cause".

The "Cause" (of the universe) could very well be more than one. Also the "Cause" or "Causes" could also be caused by another (or others). And that another (or others) could also be caused by another (or others) and so forth. But we cannot have an infinite regression of causes so ultimately there is an "Uncaused Cause" or "Uncaused Causes".

Regardless of how many "Causes" there are (and I shall use the singular "Cause" from here on for simplicity's sake for the rest of this article), the point remains that the universe must be caused by something or someone that is not bounded by space, time, and matter (universe). This is because these dimensions only existed after the "Cause" brought them into existence. Therefore the "Cause" must be nonspatial, timeless, and immatterial. The "Uncaused Cause" also must be self-existent - it has always existed and is therefore uncaused because infinite regression is impossible.

Lastly, the reason why the existence of the universe requires a personal god is because moving from a state of nothing to a state of something requires a decision to be made. Without a being who posesses the will and desire to cause a state of nothing (no universe) to become a state of something (there is universe), this change would never have happened. Decision requires intelligence. Not only does "to will" requires intelligence, "to will" is to be personal. The "Cause", therefore, must be intelligent and is therefore personal. That "Cause" is God.

God then is responsible for the existence of the universe. The existence of God then becomes axiomatic. To then say, "God does not exist" is to say "the universe does not exist" which extends to "I do not exist". But one needs to be existing for one to be able to say that "God does not exist". Thus the statement "God does not exist" is self refuting.

Therefore God exists.


At 2:51 PM, Blogger BEAST said...

Lolz, Randall. If God exists, then who, or what is it?

At 6:28 PM, Blogger The Atheist Seeker said...

My article only argued for the existence of God to a certain extent. Knowing perfectly who or what it is is not the concern but only the existence of such a being.

The farthest thing I can make of this God as laid out in the post:

"I define God as a personal, intelligent (posessing intellect), nonspatial (not occupying space), self-existent (it has always existed and is therefore uncaused), timeless (not bound by time), and, immaterial (not matter) agent who is the cause of everything that began to exist. Other than these, I no longer have any reasonable assumption as what other traits God may have.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger BEAST said...


Personally, its difficult to prove whether any deity exists, or whether the deity is personified, or merely an unknown cosmic force.

In any case, pretty well written. Check out the storm I have stirred up at D's blog. Tsk Tsk

At 3:51 PM, Blogger The Atheist Seeker said...

Perhaps. But I actually argued logically for a cosmic "person" and how impossible it is for the universe to have existed eternally.

Will check the storm now.

At 2:19 PM, Blogger rmacapobre said...

the philippines dubbed as the only christian nation

i do not agree with this statement. the philippines is home to many religions and atheists. surprising for a country that has in its own constitution, a clear divide between religion and state.

the argument of majority does not change this fact, that the country does not have a state religion.

At 3:54 PM, Blogger The Atheist Seeker said...

Yes indeed. That's why I said "it is dubbed" - not really a statement of fact but rather just how commonly it is referred as.

But again perhaps when we say, Christian nation, perhaps it only means that it is home to a community where majority of its inhabitants are Christians. It may only mean Christian nation in the metaphorical sense.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger rmacapobre said...

if i were to believe in a god/dess.

she would be female and male. but i would refer to her as Her rather than Him. people would be free to all Her, Him if they so choose. she would be our reality, nature, the universe incarnate. she is everything. she is not separate from us. but rather we are part of her. worship is unnecessary. but respect and understanding of her is. understanding of nature thru science is one way. she's neither good nor evil. she does follow the laws of nature discovered by newton, and rediscovered by einstein.

there is no heaven. there is an after life. but we transform / breakdown into pieces. to be recycled by her. nothing more. there is nothing unknowable about Her given the right resources and mind.

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you meant this seriously or as a joke, but assuming this line of faulty reasoning has somehow convinced you that there is a God, may I suggest brushing up on current cosmological theory? You may also want to read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, as he thoroughly dismantles these same arguments (though worded somewhat differently).


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous marko( said...

It is deeply sadenning that many of the supposedly "intelligent" people in this earth are ironically the ones who are immensely misguided/indoctrinated. I am a Christian and there are more than infinite reasons why I would stay one. Study subjects such as human anatomy and environmental ecology WITH an open mind and realize how mere chance can never create such marvels. GOD exists and works. I hope that you will someday find TRUE light. May GOD bless you.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im a god believer too. but so far, I always cant afford to agree with the cosmological argument, and in addition the arguments that you presented.

its incoherent. let me tell you, youre telling that god is the first cause. and the universe is the effect. but do you even understand what causality is. youre teliing a necessary causation of universe and creation as an effect orgiginating from the 1st cause namely God. thats ridiculous. because in theology, the creation of universe and everything in it is not a necessary. youre saying it as a necessary in the first argument, and lastly, youre telling its a Divine Will in the last?? (which is a choice, not a necessary)

I also find there is some incoherencies in the non spatial and timelessnes that you said. but, I couldnt come up with good reason yet. not that I say god is not timeless,non spatial.. but you argument is not constructive. also, your first premise is wrong as I mentioned above. how can we proceed to your next argument. because its been built on incoherent foundation. how can you proceed from something unsound premise.

many people of faith try to defend their faith using philosophy, yet they dont even know how to use properly. they even think theyve bring up good argument in supporting their faith. please! dont present pseudophilosophy


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